Finishes – Snel
Our services


Snel offers a very comprehensive range of finishes :

  • Folding
  • Tracing for heavy grammage.
  • Assembly of notebooks.
  • Production of blocks using linen-thread sewing.
  • Broaching: soft cover (with or without flaps), with a glued or PUR-glued spine.
  • Binding: hard or integrated cover, with a glued or rounded spine.
  • Insertions: metal stitching.
  • Cutting: punching and perforation.
  • Protection via shrink-wrapping or blistering.
  • Packaging on request: wrapping, cardboard box or bulk pallet.

We are also skilled in :

  • Applying UV varnishes and lamination.
  • Routing: management of your address banks, production of your labels or road maps, packaging, postage and delivery to the post office.
  • Gilding, embossing and ornamentation.