Frequently asked technical questions – Snel

Frequently asked technical questions

1. How do I send my files ?
  • By email, wetransfer or other transfer methods.
  • Via our  secure portal if you are already a client and you have your personal access details.
  • If you are a new client and you wish to send your files via our server, enter your email address below to receive a link that will allow you to send them to us :

    Enter your email address below to receive a link that will allow you to send us your files:

    Its highly user-friendly web interface is linked to our production process, in order to optimise the automation of processes, the control of corrections and their approval, etc.

    2. How do I know if my files are acceptable ?
    • For the graphic creation of documents for printing, it is highly recommended that you use desktop publishing (DTP) software, such as the Adobe suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) or other similar applications. Microsoft Office software programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) or other brands are best avoided. These specialised software programs allow high-resolution PDF files to be exported for an optimal result.
    • The files must be in the final format of the documents to be printed. In order to obtain quality paper documents, it is recommended that you add a bleed-off of 3 mm  (ideally 5 mm) around the files to be printed. It is very important to note that this overflow will be deleted by cutting for the final format. This means that there is no white borders around the edges of the document. Finally, the format must include an inner margin of at least 5 mm from the cutting edge, as a security measure to ensure that no text is cut during cropping.
    • For optimal rendering, the image files that are imported into the layout documents must be high definition. They must be recorded with a resolution of 300 PPI (pixels per inch), conventional value. In fact, a lower resolution impacts the quality of the rendering after printing, by making the image less clear. Finally, the imported image files and the colours of the colour charts to be used must be converted to CMYK colourimetric mode, in accordance with the FOGRA standard .
    • Ensure that all of the fonts are well embedded when generating your PDF. In the case of fonts that cannot be inserted, do not forget to vectorise them.
    • When exporting your layout to a PDF, carefully comply with the different criteria outlined above by adding 5 mm cutting marks to the finished format. You can also download and install our export settings for Adobe InDesign.
    3. I need phone support, what tool should I use ?

    As part of our telephone support, our IT department can “take control” of your computer.

    To do this, download the AnyDesk application for your operating system, open it and follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen.

    If AnyDesk is incompatible, it is possible to use TeamViewer QuickSupport.